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The official page of the State of Kuwait’s United Nations Junior Professional Officer Programme


This is a joint initiative of the State of Kuwait and the United Nations Development Programme.

In 2012, the Government of the State of Kuwait and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched the Kuwait Junior Professional Officer Programme (JPO) with the recruitment of 10 JPO posts. Following the high levels of interest generated among Kuwaiti youth by this activity and in order to further support the work of the United Nations, the State of Kuwait has decided to fund an additional 10 JPO posts in 2013. The positions offered are in the fields of: sustainable human development; environment and energy; capacity development, civil society and civic engagement, local development finance and inclusive finance, business and administrative management and information and communications.


The aim of the United Nations – Kuwait JPO programme is to enable young Kuwaitis to acquire field experience in international development cooperation activities under the close supervision of senior United Nations staff, while contributing to the implementation of programmes and activities of UNDP through temporary service in country offices. In some cases, UNDP may offer experience in international development activities at its headquarters.


The JPO programme is designed to support UN development operations abroad and enhance national capacity of the funding States. JPOs selected under this programme will be funded by the State of Kuwait but will serve as international civil servants of the United Nations. Accordingly, they are bound to uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter, including the highest standards of ethics and integrity. As Kuwaiti JPOs, the successful candidates will support the implementation of the Government’s goals to assist international development and cooperation.


At the same time, Kuwaiti JPOs will benefit professionally and personally from the opportunity to work under the supervision of experienced United Nations officials and gain hands-on experience in international development. Mentoring and on-the-job training are an important part of the JPO experience, as during their term of appointment, JPOs are an integral part of the UN workforce, engaged directly in activities and projects to implement the United Nations mandates.


Many JPOs go on to seek further employment within the United Nations. Others decide to return to their home countries at the end of their appointment. Those who gain employment in the United Nations will increase the number of Kuwaiti UN employees and continue to be part of the international organization that has a unique mandate to support development and peace-building across the globe. Those who decide to return home to Kuwait will take with them invaluable insights and skills gained through working as international civil servants, and will thus be able to make a significant contribution to implementing and promoting Kuwait’s national development agenda in positions in both the government and private sectors.


For more information on the JPO Kuwait Programme, please see the list of FAQs posted on this website. Specific inquiries may be directed to jpo.kw@undp.org, or ph. 9602 0643. The telephone support number is available between 10am and 3pm, Sunday to Thursday during the application period.


Please note that these posts are open only to Kuwaiti nationals, aged 34 years and below at the time of application. While prospective candidates are invited to apply for any post which reflects their qualifications, years of relevant experience and interest, candidates will be shortlisted for a maximum of two posts only.


The deadline for all JPO applications is Saturday 19 October 2013.


Full information regarding the JPO programme globally, including stories of currently serving JPOs and information about the JPO Mentoring Programme, as well as details of the applicable service benefits and conditions, please go to www.jposc.org.


These posts are for employment outside Kuwait. For further information regarding the work of UNDP in Kuwait, please go to www.undpkuwait.org, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Further details of UNDP’s global operations, including both country offices and headquarters, please go to www.undp.org.

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